Tokyo Christmas Market 2015



On Thursday I was supposed to visit  SEMICON Japan at Tokyo Big Sight. I will post another blog entry for this. On the same day , I found on TV that “Tokyo Christmas Market” was held then went to Hibiya Park on my way back to home to see what “Christmas market” is all about .


I happened to know about this event on TV and the hot dog looked very tasty. I was there around 4:30 pm and found that many people were already drinking ! What are you all doing on weekday ! You all great !
We got the hot dog with long sausage that I saw on TV, another sausage dish and some beer.
The price of drink and food were a bit expensive but were acceptable. For instance 300ml beer was 700yen . What do you think ? I think the most important thing is delightful atmosphere.
At the beginning we were drinking outside because there were stoves, but we got table inside as we felt cold after sun set. I recommend you get table inside the house anyway .
IMG_8133 IMG_8139
Many people including foreign visitors were getting together. That is probably because the imperial hotel and the peninsula hotel are very close to this place ?
I thought the event was in good atmosphere and people were smiling. If you have time during you are in tokyo area, please visit Hibiya park at night. The event continues until Christmas (Dec.25) .
For details please check their website and twitter @tokyochristmas.