Why the majority is always wrong

I watched this video from TED. It was interesting.


The English is relatively easy to understand. The point is:

  • Even if it’s the same question, the answer is different each time.
  • When you hit a wall, 97% of people will do the same thing again and 3% will do something different
  • Everyone is acting within the framework of common sense in the industry.

I googled it and found a number of articles mentioning this video. If you can’t be bothered to listen to the whole thing, you can read these at a glance.

[In Japanese] https://gigazine.net/news/20200412-majority-is-wrong/

[In Japanese] http://www.nikkanberita.com/read.cgi?id=201909080208030

It’s something that’s been said elsewhere as well. I very much understand what they are saying.

What is common sense in the industry is insane in other industries.

This is what I’ve always thought about.I think it can also lead to something like that.

New graduates and mid-career hires should be aware of the importance of their sense of discomfort.

If you’ve been in the same industry for decades and you think this industry is bad, you can’t help but think that it’s your own thinking that’s bad. We need to ask ourselves.

  • Always be curious about new things.
  • Keep asking the question. So far so good, but will this continue to be right?

But on the other hand I also think 

Timing and luck are important, too.