In the end, the world is made up of “chance and luck”?

Our life is pretty much a matter of chance or luck?

In my past, whether it was my health, my friendships, or my work, I feel that I’ve gotten where I am today because of the repetition of these divergences.

I got into this job because I was approached by a person I met by chance.

and so on.
I want a lot of good things to happen to me.

But just thinking that doesn’t change anything.

If some event doesn’t happen in the first place, nothing will happen and the branch won’t happen, so it doesn’t flow in the good direction or the bad direction.

This means that, once the event has occurred, you can create a branch for the good. If you think that not having an event happen (= not doing anything) is a bad thing in itself, then you can also think that not having an event is flowing in a bad direction.

So, in order for a lot of good things to happen

1) First, create a triggering event.

For example, meeting with people and actively putting out the knowledge you have gained.
The next thing you need to do is:

2) Take something that has changed according to the event and make it work for the better.

I think the only effort that can be made on an individual level is to deal with things honestly. Specifically:

-Respond promptly to your appointments and other requests.
-Continue to be a giver.

However, whether or not things actually flow in the good direction,

It relies heavily on chance and luck.

So what can we do about it?

You can’t help yourself with chance or luck, so I wouldn’t say anything about that part.

What you can do on your own ?

Increase the number of events.

In other words, I think it’s about getting up in the batter’s box more often.
Standing in the batter’s box and getting a hit or a home run is largely due to chance or luck, but by increasing the number of times you get hit, you can increase the absolute number of hits you get. And there were probably some home runs in it, which means

It’s so good that you can write off all the times you’ve been out.
So, in order for a lot of good things to happen

  • Make an effort to create a lot of events that spur you on.
  • Be honest in everything I do.

In the end, you have to leave some things to luck, but even so, there are things that can be done on an individual level.
Let’s stay positive.