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This site is a place to summarize @Minamimura‘s background, values, and what he wants to do.

Advanced Insight Inc.

Private Corporation of @Minamimura
Established in 2010
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25 year’s of experience in ASIC/FPGA design verification and EDA/IP consulting. Experienced both design/verification engineer and EDA/IP application consultant. Participated in a number of development projects for various clients, including multinational projects. Fluent in English. Currently working as an independent contractor. Creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.
[ FAE role : Technical interactions with customers during pre-/post- sales discussion ]
[ Digital logic design and verification ]
[ Multinational Project Management ]
[ Technical Translation ]

More details of my experience to date

After graduating from an engineering graduate school (majoring in electrical and electronic engineering), I worked for a domestic network equipment vendor and was responsible for the design and verification of network ASICs. Afterwards, I became a graduate student again, and while studying an MBA, I worked for a semiconductor trading company and some foreign software vendors , and I was involved in system-on -chip (SoC) design verification tools, FPGAs, and design IP technology for those companies.
Established a corporation in 2010/10.


  • MSEE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a national university
  • MBA from a private university
  • Undergraduate Studies : numerical calculation of electric fields (charge superposition method).
  • Graduate Studies(Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering): Numerical calculation of electromagnetic fields (finite element method)
  • Graduate Studies (Management Information Science): Factory Monitoring System

Skill Set

  • ASIC/FPGA design verification: Ethernet switch, Display timing controller, On-chip interconnect etc.
  • FAE role: EDA tools ( Functional verification languages and Formal verification ), FPGA, IP( on-chip interconnect and  DDR memory scheduler )
  • Project management: Involved in the day-to-day progress of projects with vendor-side development teams and their domestic customers from a third party perspective, etc.
  • Technical traslation: Responsible for translating technical specifications and supporting technical communication between overseas vendors and Japanese customers.
  • Technology research : IP-XACT, PLC, Next-generation touch panel controller
  • Fluent in English, also studying Chinese
  • Strong communicator in both verbal and written forms
  • Knowledge and experience in dealing with diverse cultures
  • Self-starter
  • Strong sense of ethics and fair play
  • High learning ability
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Full of curiosity
  • Problem solver