The defeat of technology

[The defeat of technology and the human habits that encourage it]

I am sure that researchers are working hard to establish a method for detection or treatment of this new coronavirus. I am rooting for them.

I am a technology believer and believe that all the problems in the world can be solved with technology.

From that point of view, the virus versus humanity in this case, unfortunately, is still

(1) The defeat of technology

Looks like the current situation is that we are being played by the virus.

Even though we know that this is a virus, the way to deal with it is to avoid human contact, which is quite primitive. I’m guessing that there are probably a lot of frustrated virus researchers out there. I would rather hope that there are a lot of people like that.

One more thing I thought of this time.

(2) Unfortunately human habits are being successfully exploited to spread the infection

More precisely,

(2-1) We are always trying to get together.

(2-2) We make bad decisions for our own gain or loss and our emotions.

Regarding (2-1), needless to say, I was reminded of how many human economic activities are formed by people coming together. So, I think that humanity is not weakened by the virus, but by the cessation of economic activity caused by the virus.
(2-2) is about the spread of infection. If humans were able to make perfectly theoretical judgments, then the containment of the expansion could have been done. This time I didn’t see the WHO as theoretical and resolute.disciplines. It makes me think that an objective judgment by a special agency that is above the national boundaries should not be a human being. If people decide to do it, they will rather fail.

Aside from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, problems caused by such viruses seem to occur every 10 to 15 years. The findings should live on next. I believe that technology will eventually solve this problem.