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We’re doing a lot of work in the technology industry, mainly related to ASIC/FPGA design and verification. 
We love new values, technologies and methodologies.

Business Examples

  • ASIC/FPGA logic design and verification (C/C++/SystemVerilog, UVM, Formal Verification, Shell script, Tcl etc.)
  • Multinational team management
  • Field support and application consulting for EDA tools
  • Support for the introduction of new technologies/methodology and holding technical seminars
  • Technical survey
  • Architecture exploration and specification creation (Japanese/English)
  • Technical translation (English <-> Japanese)


ASIC, FPGA, Logic Design, Functional Verification, Formal Verification, UVM,
Architecture Exploration, Specification Document, 
Project Management, Technical Liaison, New Technology, New Methodology, 
EDA, IP, Semiconductor, Software, FAE, Application Consultant,
Technical Translation