Courage to be a hater

– I want to be a person who can speak up and does not go with the flow
– The project should clearly state that such people are welcome

Meetings like a buddy club

An atmosphere of familiarity, such as in a project meeting, can lead to rampant postponement of issues that should be discussed and take action.

In a meeting, when you are disagreed with, you feel like you’re being dismissed, even your personality.

Unfortunately this is the Japanese sense.

The result is that relationships deteriorate after the meeting is over. It’s how the other person feels. So you will end up thinking like this:

Let’s just shut up and be quiet, rather than create such a problem

Especially when there is a supervisor-subordinate relationship in an organization, it is difficult to deny the opinion of the supervisor. It’s hard to deny that your boss evaluates you, and he is human, and it’s hard to deny that he likes or dislikes your performance.

I believe that a disinterested outsider may be able to make the statement that does not go with the flow.

And I think that the bad guy should be basically a positive thinker and a master communicator because, if a real cynic plays this role, he or she will stir up the project.

I couldn’t be the bad guy

I have participated in various projects for various companies as a subcontractor. To be honest, I don’t think I was able to be the bad guy in those projects. Well, there is no need to be a bad guy if the project is running smoothly…

As I recall, although it’s not the same as being involved as an employee (i.e., an insider), I have a contractual interest in this one as an outsourced service, and I think that’s why I couldn’t be the bad guy. 

After all, we hesitate to be the bad guy because our position could be in jeopardy.


You can pretend you are the bad guy, but you don’t want to be harmed by it. So, it is important to agree in advance on this point:

To achieve the purpose of the project, you are welcome to actively become a bad guy

It should also be clearly stated as a project :

Criticism and discussion in project meetings should never become personality attacks and should not be viewed as such. It should not affect existing personal relationships in any way.