Don’t make NPO a place of “rewarding exploitation”

I also have a link on the sidebar of this blog, but we are also engaged in NPO activities.

スマホ講習 | 特定非営利活動法人川崎スマートライフ推進会|川崎市

What we’re doing here, in a nutshell, is

Supporting IT utilization for senior people

The activity is now in its sixth year or so, and I am convinced that the demand and the significance of the activity is great. However, the problem is:

It’s not profitable.

It comes down to this.
You might think that since we are an NPO, we don’t have to make any money, or that we shouldn’t make any. The majority of people think that because it’s a volunteer-type activity they don’t want to make money, and because they are able to get a grant, they can make a living. However my policy is something like this:

The activities that don’t make money are done the wrong way.
A business that is not profitable cannot continue.

This is the way of thinking. Of course, I understand that there are activities in the world that are not profitable, but someone has to do them. But I believe :

We should be able to generate revenue.

If you don’t do it with that feeling in mind, you won’t be able to make any improvements and you’ll stop thinking about it.

More and more working people and students have volunteered to participate, but we can only pay for transportation. To be honest, it’s a kind of
exploitation of one’s worth.
Of course, This is not where we want to be. I would like to pay a decent amount.

In order to do so, you have to generate revenue properly. One direction is to keep getting grants, but it’s never enough to be independent.

So, I would like to take action so that we can properly increase our earnings this fiscal year.

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